Richard Goodwin 10/01/2017 - 10:42am

My Google Pixel XL has a weird hobby… it likes nothing better than randomly crashing and restarting itself four or five times a week

Google’s Pixel XL is one of the best Android phones you can buy right now. The Pixel XL isn’t the most exciting handset to look at but the specs, performance and software are great. Ditto imaging. So all is forgiven in the looks department.

The Pixel XL is Google’s iPhone, basically. It is Google taking a more nuanced and focussed approach to hardware inside the Android space. We had Nexus phones before, sure, but the Pixel phones are different; and not just in terms of how much they cost.

The Pixel phones are the truest embodiment of what Android should look and feel like on a phone. And for the most part, Google smashed the ball outta the park – both Pixel phones are exceptional performers in every regard.

Problems With My Pixel XL

But there is a problem with my Pixel XL. It likes to pass out sometimes. You can’t predict when it will happen, but like an heavy-drinker it is usually at night – after 10pm.

This crashing issue has been noted by other users, I've read reports about it in the past, but figured my handset must have not been affected.

I was wrong. My handset is affected, so whatever this bug is it can, presumably, hit a Pixel phone at any time, as mine was fine and then all of a sudden it wasn’t.

What happens is a two fold process: the screen freezes, then the phone restarts. It’s annoying as hell, as 1) it’s unpredictable and 2) it takes about 2 minutes for the phone to then reboot.

I’ve tried factory resetting the handset and this hasn't fixed the issue which makes me think it is either a full-on hardware defect or something that Google can fix with a software update.

Either way, I’m hoping it gets fixed soon as it is starting to get rather annoying.