Richard Goodwin 30/08/2018 - 1:19pm

Apple’s drilling down on battery performance inside the incoming iPhone 11…

Apple’s A11 chipset brought with it plenty of performance upgrades inside the iPhone X.

The most notable of which, in this context, was how it managed power. The iPhone X did A LOT with its relatively small battery cell.

Well, in 2018, things are going to get even better on the battery front.

According to Cult of Mac, Apple’s new A12 chipset will deliver around 40% more battery efficient than the iPhone X.

iPhone 11 Battery Life – S’All About The Chipset

How is this possible?

According to reports, Apple’s A12 chipset is based on a 7nm process and this means the chipset itself is A LOT smaller.

The A12 will be made by TSMC. Furthermore, the chip-maker has confirmed that the A12 will make the iPhone 11 20% faster than the iPhone X and 40% more power efficient.

And when you combine these two factors, you have two key things: 1) improved performance, and 2) improved battery life.

Apple will unveil the iPhone 11 later on this year. It will keep the same design as the iPhone X.

The other big news, however, is that the traditional iPhone design – you know, the one with home button – is effectively dead.

All new iPhones in 2018 will follow the iPhone X design, meaning no Home button.