Paul Briden 30/08/2018 - 2:20pm

The Google Home Max can now be purchased in Britain

The Smart Speaker war rages on between Google and Amazon, but it's become more competetive now that Apple and Samsung have also thrown their hats in the ring. We're rather fond of the Google Home and Google Home Mini, and gave them decent scores in our reviews of each device.

However, there's one Google Smart Speaker that's been absent from our UK base for an annoyingly long time. The Google Home Max has been on the market in the US for ages now having been announced in October 2017 at LAST YEAR'S Pixel launch and hit US stores in time for the holiday season of that year.

But the bigger model with the better sound quality has finally, at long last, landed on British soil.

Google Home Max Now Available In UK

Yep, you can now pick up a Google Home Max in the UK and not only will you benefit from the AI and Cloud-driven search, voice control, music and media playback, and the ability to use it as a hub for a connected home, but you'll also get the best sound quality of any Google Home to date.

Google details the 4.5in woofers on the Max model which allegedly make it 20-times louder than its predecessors. It also has some interesting AI features which allow it to figure out its position in the room and adjust its output so that you can definitely hear it answer back from every location in that space.

And indeed, according to some, some of the best Smart Speaker sound quality on the market.

There are some who say the Apple HomePod is better at the audio sweetness, but others disagree. Plus, we've no idea how the AKG-based Samsung Home compares just yet.

Google Home Max UK Price & Availability

Naturally, the Google Home Max can be picked up online at Google's Play Store, where the US RRP of $399 has been translated directly into £399 pounds rather than converted at the exchange rate. 

You can also get it at John Lewis, and we expect other UK retailers to have stock in short order.