Damien McFerran 10/09/2018 - 10:58am

One of three new phones coming this year

Apple is on the verge of releasing a new set of iPhones this year, and we'll get a better look at them at this week's forthcoming 'Gather Round' event on the 12th September. In the meantime, we've got the usual bunch of leaks to work our way through, one of which relates to the company's new 'entry-level' iPhone.

Remember the iPhone 5C? The cheap plastic variant of the iPhone 5 launched back in 213 and was positioned as a way of entering the world of iOS without breaking the bank – despite the fact that its pricing was practically on par with more powerful Android-based devices.

Well if a slide from a Chinese network carrier’s marketing presentation – leaked on Weibo – is to be believed, then Apple is looking to resurrect its low-cost line with one of three new iPhones that will launch later this year.

Let's get the more expensive models out of the way first. The leak suggests that the successor to the iPhone X will be named the iPhone XS, and rumours claim it will be your typical second-year 'S' release, with a similar outward design to the previous year's device but with improved internals. So far, so Apple, right?

iPhone XC and iPhone XS – Top and Bottom of Apple's 2018 iPhone Line Up!

The second model will apparently be called the iPhone XS Max, which is a slight deviation from the usual 'Plus' suffix Apple uses on its large-screen devices. We'd assume that despite the slight name change, this is the same deal as with the traditional Plus models; same core tech as the iPhone XS but a larger screen.

Seeing as 2017's iPhone X was only released in a single size, Apple may be using the 'Max' moniker to differentiate it from the older 'Plus' range – however, some sources still think Apple will stick with the 'Plus' for the larger model, so we'll have to wait until the 12th to find out for sure. Whichever name Apple decides on, it's pretty much sticking with tradition so far.

Then there's the budget model. Rumours suggest that the iPhone XC will have a 6.1-inch LCD display (not a more expensive OLED display, like the iPhone XS and XS Max) and will come in a range of attractive colours, just like the iPhone 5C did all those years ago.

Now to pricing; Apple fan site 9to5Mac believes the iPhone XS will come in at around 900 bucks, with the larger model hitting the $1000 mark. The budget iPhone XC will be around $699 – not super-cheap when you look at the Android-based competition, but certainly more affordable in the world of Apple devices.

While a photo exists which claims to show the colourful iPhone XC, it's always wise to use a little bit of caution with these leaks, especially when you consider how big Apple's yearly iPhone-based events are. Still, let's assume for a moment this is the real deal – are you excited about Apple re-entering the 'entry-level' sector once more, or do you think any potential iPhone 5C successor is going to fall flat?